Training Program

AFF Accelerated Freefall

Accelerated Freefall First Jump Course (AFF)

This program includes one day of ground instruction (theory), and a minimum of seven parachute jumps (Cat A, B, C1, D1, D2, E1 and E2).

Maroc Skydive offers theory courses for all levels.

During your ground training, you’ll learn about equipment, safety procedures, canopy deployment and control, and landing, to name just a few topics. Once this stage has been successfully completed, students are ready for their first parachute jump.

Learning to skydive is a matter of progression. Each of the seven jumps consists of a series of maneuvers that you must perform before you can move on to the next. For the first three jumps, you’ll be accompanied by two instructors. For the remaining jumps, you’ll have just one instructor at your side.

Once you’ve passed all the categories, you’re AFF certified and ready to make your first solo jump. You can then move on to the various license levels and specialize in the different disciplines of the sport

A license

The A license is the gateway for a relatively new skydiver to get involved in everything the sport has to offer. The USPA A license is an internationally recognized certification that allows its holder to jump at dropzones around the world and to jump with other license holders.

Once you’ve obtained your USPA A license, you can jump unsupervised, pack your own main parachute and participate in group jumps.

To obtain a USPA A license, you must make a minimum of 25 parachute jumps, meet all the requirements of the A license competency card and pass the written and oral exam for this license.