13000 MAD


A complete training program:

from mastering the glider and motor on the ground and in the air, through to obtaining a pilot’s license and flying in total autonomy.

  •  Foot-launch paramotor training.
  •  Theoretical courses leading to pilot’s license.
  •  Meteorology and aerology courses.
  • Safety maneuvers.
  • Ground handling.
  • Folding the glider.
  •  Engine management on the ground.
  •  Control of the take-off run.
  •  A dozen solo flights with radio guidance.
  •  In-flight piloting exercises.

7-day introductory course:

The aim of this 7-day course is to introduce you to the basics of paramotor flying, in complete safety and progressively, so that you can become autonomous and prepare for your pilot’s license.

At the end of the course, after receiving authorization from the instructor trainer and passing the theory test, you’ll be able to fly legally with appropriate, registered equipment.