8000 MAD


5-day introductory course

This is the course that will introduce you to the wonderful world of paragliding. In fact, its success will decide whether you really want to continue paragliding. We do our utmost to ensure that this first week is perfect for you.

For motivated people who want to discover paragliding and who weigh between 35 and 105 kg.

From 14 years of age (written parental permission required for minors).

You don’t need to have done a first flight beforehand. Good physical condition is of course a must.

 Advanced paragliding course

This is the course after the paragliding progression courses. For those who already know how to fly safely on known sites in calm conditions and who want to find complete autonomy and exploit thermals.

Minimum age 14 (written parental consent required for minors).

Paragliding cross-country course

Bravo, you’re completely autonomous and want to take on cross-country paragliding with confidence, this course is for you. During this course, we’ll be working mainly on how to exploit lift more effectively and determine a flight strategy for cross-country flying.

Paragliding mental management, emotions and stress course                         

Enable you to acquire tools to better manage your stress and channel your emotions. Exercises will enable you to increase your pleasure and well-being before, during and after the flight.

Together, we can move towards the full joy of paragliding!